Sunshine, Rainbows, & PR


Everyone always talks about this magical, mystical occupation called “PR”, or “Public Relations”. But what is it really?

Public Relations is an outlet to express your ideas. In a broad sense, it’s a way to get the word out about your company, new invention, sports team, journal or restaurant. PR can be described as a tactic. It’s about knowing your audience and catering to them. Professional sports teams are a great example of this. You want to know more about your favorite team, just check one of their many social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (if they’re still using it), Snapchat. All of these outlets can be used as a tool to in Public Relations. When companies and franchises use these media outlets, they are utilizing outlets that they know the public uses. In order to compete for the 8 second time frame (which is the average amount of time millennial spend before they scroll past to the next post, which by the way is shorter than a gold fishes 10 second attention span), these companies need to be good at what they do. They need to be good in hooking the reader, viewer, whateverer in and keeping them there. That’s where PR pros come in. Their job is to get creative and find out which tactics and platforms work best for the specific brand they are trying to sell. To the outsider, the field of PR seems likes sunshine and rainbows, and arts and crafts to my friends and peers. But its just as hard as anything else. Being creative is NOT easy, it takes passion and dedication….If you want to be good.

There are many things I don’t know about Public Relations. Many things actually. For instance how to get a job. But bigger than that is the fact that there are so many types and classifications of PR. How do you train for crisis PR, sports PR or brand PR. The topic is so broad that I feel as if you can train for years and years and still never learn it all. As is the case in many field, but especially Public Relations since mediums and platforms are changing almost daily.

I would also like to learn the ins and outs of PR. I’m really interested in learning the common mistakes of PR and avoiding them. I want to know if there are certain things and words you should and shouldn’t say. I want to know the nitty-gritty tactics of PR, the things people don’t talk about. How did professionals in the field land their highly coveted jobs? I hear that in this field, an intern will spend their first 2 years going on coffee runs for higher up people all day long. But I believe that if you are good enough you won’t be hired to do such things. What I don’t want is a wishy washy list of things PR pros do, but rather an in depth understanding how to navigate this field and thrive.



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